Tips For Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking. It’s often a great reason for family and friends from afar to reunite and celebrate this very special occasion. Bridesmaids have been selected and Groupon coupons have been used for Groomsmen gifts from Eastbay. Between selecting the reception venue, booking the church and the caterer and securing a photographer, cake and flowers, the list seems endless and overwhelming. So many hours and days are spent planning an event that lasts less than a half a day.


What is so often overlooked is the time and energy that should go into planning the marriage. The wedding lasts a half a day and the marriage is intended to last a lifetime.  Within a year or two the infatuation may well wear off and you’ll be looking at someone you love and have committed to spend the rest of your life with. Follow these suggestions from the professionals and have some seriously frank and long discussions with your future life partner. Do you want children – how many and how soon? Do you both want to retain your careers or have one spouse stay home to raise the family? Do you agree on these huge issues? Have you talked about money and how financial decisions will be made? These are the big events of life that you will navigate together. How well you navigate depends largely on how you treat one another. Be kind. Be kind in how you speak; be kind in how you listen and be kind in how you act. It really, really is that simple. Kindness is the strongest foundation for a relationship that’s built on love and hopes to endure.

Speak with family members that have been married for decades and ask them what it takes to have a strong partnership. The time you spend planning your marriage will have far greater value than the time spent planning your wedding.