Tips for Choosing the Right Photographer for your Wedding

A wedding photographer is an important person for your wedding ceremony. The photographer is different from other people offering services in the wedding ceremony as you don’t get to experience his services till the wedding is concluded. This is unlike other vendors such as cake vendors, flower vendors and music vendors as the services they offer can be seen, tasted and even heard. Therefore, when choosing a photographer for your wedding, you should not leave anything to chance. Be selective and ensure you conduct some research. Some of the things that you should look for in a photographer include personal demeanor, artistic style as well as professional skills. After all, many people get to experience one wedding in their lifetime. Most importantly, ensure that you settle for local wedding videographers.

Importance of style

The most important aspect that will determine the photographer you go for with your wedding is style. There are many types of styles such as documentary, portraiture, fine art as well as edgy and bold. Documentary style does not encourage posed pictures. Instead, it goes for spontaneous pictures that are also candid. This means that you could be pictured at the bar even before the wedding begins, or when dancing with your cousins. A snap of you holding champagne is also possible as well as a picture when laughing with your bridesmaids. These pictures are very effective at capturing moments, and together, they can tell the story of your wedding. Most importantly, you will not find someone looking or staring at the camera.


If you don’t know what portraiture is, you should look into the wedding album of your parents. If you settle for this kind of style, you are going for a traditional photographer. With this style, you will have to pose at all times. At various backdrops, you and your friends will be posing again and again. However, this style can also produce beautiful pictures. Expect the photographer to alter you to fit well.

Fine Art

This is a photography style that can be compared to the documentary style. However, with this style, the photographer is at liberty of infusing his artistic ingenuity to your style. While the photographs may represent the reality, what you should keep in mind is that it’s the photographer’s reality. However, with this style, the photos are also gorgeous and dramatic. This style is also effective on motion pictures, and this might be the reason why photographers who specialize in film only favor this style.

Edgy and Bold

This is the last style that is available for wedding lovers. The difference with this style and the other styles is that it allows unconventional framing. Also, this style is characterized by tilted angles commonly called Dutch angles. To understand how this style works, rather than portraying the couple exchanging the vows in an upright position, the style allows photos to appear tilted. Remember that the success of your ceremony with the photographers is dependent on your research. Remember to set up an interview before you can hire a photographer.