Right, this week my area of concern is with what we commonly call ‘sports attire’. What a great name for ‘tracksuit bottoms’…sports attire. Being out and about in London Town has set off alarm bells in my head so many times. Who on God’s green earth has given permission to men over the age of 21 to wear tracksuit bottoms as casual wear. If you can wear tracksuit bottoms as casual wear then why not throw on a pair of trainers and rock some swimwear like this confident gentleman:

Think about it, it’s very similar. Both are performance-designed garments that should be used for SPORTS and just simply don’t look too stylish. Go on. Give it a try. Don’t be shy.

I will bet my mother’s left knee cap that there are some readers that totally disagree with me. There may even be some of you that are now offended. Now, I don’t mean to upset you. I do agree that today’s blog is one of mere ‘opinion’, but not just of mine. It’s also from those that matter to us men…WOMEN!

Many talk about the ‘comfortable period’ within a relationship; the time when one partner has reduced the amount of effort they put into how attractive they make themselves look. Both sexes are equally responsible for this. We start off the relationship dressing well, making an effort with grooming and looking sharp. Then a month or two down the line, things change. We have who we want and no longer feel the need to ‘attract’ our partner. We become Rab C. Nesbitt:

Some may think I’m going over the top here, but so many women have told us that a man approaching them in tracksuit bottoms makes them feel like that guy couldn’t care less about his appearance, yet alone about the thoughts of her. Now, would you go to a job interview in a hoody? No. That’s simply because we know that first impressions count. You never know who will see you when you’re out, so the idea is to maintain your standards.

I’ve slugged off tracksuit bottoms with all my might. But I’m sure no matter how many rosaries my family and I offer up to the Lord, I won’t rid the UK of tracksuit bottom wearing men. I have learned to accept that guys will always feel comfortable in them and that being in a rush will be an excuse for many. So…

If you do choose to wear tracksuit bottoms out in public, follow some of these simple rules and make the most of a bad move (I won’t budge on my hate for tracksuit bottoms. That’s as sure as death itself):


Don’t look like a bag of Skittles. It’s childish.


(I stress the word “clean” because, tracksuits are not made of denim. The fabric wears out at a quickly and they will start to look worn-out and dirty very fast. A fresh, new tracksuit can portray the attitude of good self-maintenance. Oh yeah…If I see any one wearing shoes with tracksuit bottoms, I’d happily go to jail for manslaughter!)


Mixing two sports brands in the same outfit is like mixing milk with orange juice. If you haven’t tried it, do so. It’s a life-long lesson. Mixing two sports brands in the same outfit is like mixing milk with orange juice. If you haven’t tried it, do so. It’s a life-long lesson.


As well as adding individual flair to your outfit, accessories including bags and designer items (Tom Ford sunglasses always make a nice juxtaposition for them!) can actually make it look like you are GOING to indulge in sports activity that day. You can use that as your excuse if you’re challenged by anyone. Done.

Tracksuit bottoms in general aren’t advisable as casual wear, but follow some of my pointers and you’ll be looking half decent in your cottons. High-fashion designer sports brands can cost a bomb, so I’d advise you to have a look at Puma, Nike and the king of tracksuits, Adidas, for mid-range price’s.