Month: October 2018


Right, this week my area of concern is with what we commonly call ‘sports attire’. What a great name for ‘tracksuit bottoms’…sports attire. Being out and about in London Town has set off alarm bells in my head so many times. Who on God’s green earth has given permission to men over the age of 21 to wear tracksuit bottoms as casual wear. If you can wear tracksuit bottoms as casual wear then why not throw on a pair of trainers and rock some swimwear like this confident gentleman:

Think about it, it’s very similar. Both are performance-designed garments that should be used for SPORTS and just simply don’t look too stylish. Go on. Give it a try. Don’t be shy.

I will bet my mother’s left knee cap that there are some readers that totally disagree with me. There may even be some of you that are now offended. …