The Ultimate Guide to Cameras

Pointers for Purchasing and Using CCTV (Closed-circuit Television) Cameras

When things go scary at night, you want to know what’s going on – without putting yourself at risk. That’s what closed-circuit televisions or CCTVs can help you do. But how do you go about buying these things?


As expected, the more you can spend, the greater the quality you get and the more features as well. Among the higher-end features, night vision should be your first priority – besides, crimes tend to happen more at night. Motion detection is also good, but be sure you can tweak the sensitivity and narrow the scan’s range. You’d rather not be bugged by legitimate movements, as when the wind blows the plants. If you can correctly tune the system, you’d also want it to send an alert to your phone when it detects motion. Of course, it would be great if the system could save videos and photos externally for the purpose of law enforcement. Lastly, very elite models have a separate DVR for video recording, which is smart if you plan to leave the cameras working all the time.

Camera Position
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If you have many cameras, make sure to have one at every entry point in your home, like gates, windows and doors.
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Cost and Lag Time

Contrary to what most people think, price is not directly proportional to lag time. Whatever their prices, security cameras always have some lag time against real time, whether they are cheap or pricey.

Dynamic DNS for Camera Access

If you’re traveling, get dynamic DNS to be able to access your cameras. Unless your Internet connection has a static IP address, you will have to subscribe to a dynamic DNS service and set your Internet routers such that they will report any changes to your IP address.

Changing Your Password

Don’t for get to change the password that is needed to reconfigure or access your console or CCTVs. Google-hacking security cameras where the default password isn’t changed are easy to detect. Entire websites, in fact, are devoted to helping potential intruders get through security cameras with default passwords. Be sure that your management console uses a connection that is encrypted. In most cases, security camera consoles will enable you to connect through an insecure connection method. Inquire from your provider whether or not your camera supports TLS-enabled or any other secure connection method. Get another brand otherwise.

The Glass

Yes, the glass sure matters. Plenty of low-end cameras work well up to a maximum distance of 20 feet, but not beyond 30 feet. On the other hand, high-end cameras are usually able to capture subjects accurately at 75-100 feet, typically in HD or near HD. Video clarity may cost you some, but you’ll be glad you paid it when you have to show videos or photos to the police.