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How To Get Rid Of Bedbugs

Bedbugs are the insects that suckle a person’s blood when asleep and are very disturbing. They are hard to recognize and very tiny and therefore a person has to use a special way to deal with them.

The area to be fumigated need a thorough preparation beforehand. To make it easy for the person working there, you need to remove excess clothing from the area to help in reducing clutter which make a good hiding point for the bugs. To ensure the personal items are well stored, you will need to store them in a clean plastic bag.

The bedframes are usually the best hiding places for the bugs, you will need to dismantle the beds for a full exposure. To see the hiding joints well also remove the mattress covers. On the walls, seal all the open holes and check with the drawers in the dressing table. Soak the garments that cannot be sprayed with hot water.
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The area infested by the bugs is meant to be vacuumed. Check all the furniture, bed stands, bed seams, edges of the bed and all the carpets as well. The bugs are easily exposed during the fumigation process when all the dirt has been removed.
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Use an inspection machine to look for areas that are highly infested. Due to their big sizes, the bedbugs can easily be seen. On the mattresses, the bugs leave bloody spots all over the mattresses and the sheets. They usually flatten their bodies to fit in very tiny spaces so a person need to be very careful when looking for one.

Apply the insecticides in places where the bugs are found easily and leave it on the surface for sometime. Areas that are the best breeding points for the bugs need extra care when dealing with them like the seams and the folds.

Spray all around the area like the baseboards and all the drawers around. In the case that there are clothes inside the drawer then do not spray, instead take them out to be laundered. Windows and all available cracks should be well sprayed. Avoid areas that people sit or lay unless it has been indicated that it is safe for use.

After fumigation, allow the insecticide to dry before dusting. Dust properly the insecticides once it dries up on the surface. A paintbrush is best used in the brushing.

To know how effective the treatment was, use a bed bug monitor to know if all of them were killed in the process.