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The 8 Advantages of Coconut Oil Personal Lubricants At any stage of a woman’s life, she may experience vaginal dryness. The numerous hormonal shifts during menopause make this problem predominant at this stage. However, it presents the greatest challenges just before a couple has sex because penetration and the repeated movements involved become bothersome. While the market is awash with lubricants, organic varieties such as coconut oil outperform the rest in numerous ways. Next is a look at the 8 merits of switching to coconut oil lube when dealing with vaginal dryness. The mild nature of coconut oil lube will sooth the sore areas of your vagina, in addition to offering lubrication. So if you have been experiencing pain or soreness in the vaginal area, the application of this lubricant will offer the relief you desire. Coconut lube oil contains antifungal agents that will free your vagina of yeast infections that are common. Yeast infections affect the vagina predominantly because it offers the most suitable conditions for their continued existence and reproduction. The presence of caprylic acid in coconut oil is to credit for its effectiveness in keeping various Candida strains at bay.
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The use of coconut oil as a lubricant will help a lot if you wish to avoid pregnancy. The natural lubricant will alter the PH levels of your vagina, which will make the area uninhabitable for sperms and also limit their ability to move towards the egg, making fertilization an impossibility. It is, however, advisable to use coconut oil lube in conjunction with other anti-pregnancy methods to be on the safe side.
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The many allergic reactions that may result from using synthetic lubricants are not present in those who use coconut oil as a lubricant. Coconut lube oil has no chemical additives, making it excellent for women who need to be watchful of what they use on their skins due to possible sensitivity consequences. Since the taste and aroma of coconut oil are sweet, you will enjoy oral sex like never before if you use it. It is unlike, synthetic-based products that contain discouraging flavors that make it difficult to partners to please each other orally. The absence of additives means that the production of organic lubricants is not as expensive as their synthetic counterparts. Thus; you will procure coconut lube oil at affordable prices. Being a popular product; you will find coconut lube oil in virtually all the stores you visit. You won’t spend loads of time looking for it. After using a synthetic lube, there is often a funny smell that your vagina will be left with. The persons close by will even notice that you are just from engaging in sex if they are familiar with such odors. You don’t want that because your sex life is a private matter and nobody else’s’ business. However, the use of coconut oil as a lubricant will leave your vagina smell island fresh and no one can tell if you just had sex. Since coconut oil lube lasts a pretty long time after being applied; you will not have to interrupt coitus sessions to reapply the lubricant.