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Memorable Wishes to Write to Your Friends on Their Birthdays Many a time is when people are used to the same boring happy birthday message. When you have a friend who enjoys jokes, it’s good to use some for their birthdays. As many wishes might still be as old and seem unnecessary they still create a smile on someone’s face. If you want to get some really funny jokes and wishes for happy birthdays, read on! The following are the messages you should send your friends who appreciate humor during their big days. With your age, you are advised to take care of your diet but all the same, why spoil the fun. Age is a high price you pay for maturity. Maturity does not necessarily come with age. If you choose to believe in your mind that you are ever young, yes you are and the head accepts you are really young. Happy birthday on this big day, as much as you are at a susceptible period to death. Yes you are wiser with your age and so you should use your wisdom to earn your own things as there are no presents for you. Since living for long is what you have wanted, getting old has been part of you. Since you are wiser and mature enough as your age reveals no need to worry about presents or surprise gifts. You are not old until you can’t read this writing anymore. Happy birthday you old bag. On this big day, you should be more concerned you are alive and not the number of wrinkles you have. Happy birthday as you prepare your muscles for the blowing of uncountable candles this day.
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Do not fear aging, people are headed there too. Few women admit their age, few men act theirs. Do not remember the past, it is gone, do not concern with the future, it is yet, does not mind about the present no one bought you any. Just as the past has to be forgotten, so should your presents. Congrats on yet of another birthday, please share the secret to grow old fast! If you continue to grow old this fast, am worried you are signing your own death certificate. Happy birthday friend, no one will know your age from me.
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You must have one of the best plastic surgeons, no other explanation. If you want to look young and thin, hang around a bunch of old fat people. Thank goodness you are now of legal age with more than thirty years of experience.