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Why Drain Surveying and Inspection is Important

Drain surveying and inspection is one of the most neglected when it home buyers inspect a potential home. So while other surveyors would turn up and carry out an agreed level of inspection they are likely to add a disclaimer about anything he or she cannot actually see or inspect properly – like drain. This makes it necessary to have a proper surveying on the home’s drainage system for potential home buyers.

There has not been changes in legislation regarding rules on who is responsible for drains and sewer. When you are buying a home it is good to being by asking whose responsibility it is when it comes to drains and sewerage. You also need to know the general condition of the drainage system in the house you are considering or investing is because you don’t want to have any sewage problem that will necessitate a major remedial work.

Having a CCTV survey is not really just relevant for older properties either. New houses may have badly laid drainage especially if the drains have not been adopted by the local utility company. This means that the provision that the National House Building Council which guarantees most newly developed property with an underlying utility provision that runs from five to ten years will make it worth checking out too.
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Surveys

One problem for the drainage of older properties is the tree root access which could be a big problem to new house owners. Since tree roots can easily find water, these can cause drainage blockage. You will have a real problem if the roots find their way into your pipes because they have tiny hair roots. A survey however can forewarn you of any likely problems so that you can take an early evasive action prior to buying that property.
What Do You Know About Drains

There will also be an increased risk of subsidence if the property if the property has been subject to extreme weather conditions like drought or floods. This means that the land level is sinking and causing changes before it was anticipated. With a CCTV survey, it can tell if the drains have moved or caused fractures in the pipes.

You can also use this opportunity to make sure that all our drains are connected up correctly. Problems in the drainage connections can be caused by extensions, add new appliances, and DIY plumbing projects. There are many times that washing machines are installed in such a way that the used water discharges to the wrong sewer. This is the result of people not knowing the difference between surface water and water from the rain.