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Advantages of Using VoIP Telephone Systems

Today, small startup businesses also need reliable telephone access despite having a lot of work done in their computers. Using the traditional telephone systems can be very expensive and difficult to reconfigure or scale up or down as the business dictates, but with the VoIP or voice over internet protocol technology which uses broadband internet connections and hosted VoIP systems in particular offer more advantages that the old traditional systems.

The IP phone systems are very easy to install and not like traditional telephone systems where you make use of a lot of telephone wires to interconnect the system. Installation of IP system can even be some by individuals who have limited technical knowhow, and install it quickly. Adding new extensions when the business gets bigger is easy for an IP telephone system and it is also inexpensive to do this addition. Besides a convenient web portal makes it easy to move, add, or change the systems configuration. Since there is no VoIP hardware to install, all you need to have is an IP phone.

An IP phone system is also scalable and this is an advantage because you cannot easily tell if you will be needing phones over the coming years. And if you have a traditional phone system, you have to estimate carefully to avoid spending money on phone lines you won’t be using. You can also scale it down easily when the need dictates. This means that adding or removing phone extensions is easy with the IP phone systems.
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Rearranging office space does not matter when employees’ phone numbers follow them wherever they go. Reconfiguring the system at any time is possible through a convenient web portal for hosted VoIP phone systems. With cloud-hosted VoIP features, a number can be assigned to a field worker and calls can be diverted to this number.
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Similar to our traditional call system features, VoIP systems includes similar features like call hold, call transfer, call hunt, conference calling, find me/follow me, and auto-attendant phone menus, and even fax supported where the need of paper or toner is not necessary. You have an email account in your hosted VoIP system which is used to send and receive fax messages.

Saving money is one of the most important features of hosted VoIP phone system. The savings come with cheap installation and the calls themselves are less expensive when compared with traditional phone systems.

And because VoIP calls are internet-based, hosted VoIP systems are easier to integrate with the business applications you use every day. There are things you can do like place outbound calls through outlook or other email clients or bring up a customer record as the incoming calls come through.